Bettina Heinrich YOGA


Yoga for silver ager (50+)

Are you in the middle of your life, would you like to try yoga or get back in order to enjoy your life more flexible, stress-free and conscious and to live your life more energetically?

From 50 or 60 we practice yoga differently.

I got to know three yoga styles and teach a mix of everything in one hour.

The quite demanding Hatha Yoga with the wonderful breathing exercises. Practicing, playing with muscle power. The masculine, strong-willed principle. Strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Yin Yoga, the exact opposite. The feminine, flowing principle. Long-held, effortless poses. Playing with fascia. Very good for fibromyalgia and stress symptoms.

We always need both! The strength and the relaxation, the letting go.

And last but not least, Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of energy. Getting to know our energy fields in the body, the chakras and what effects they have on the subtle level.

Yoga works on different levels – holistically.

On the physical level, for example, back and headaches can be relieved or even cancelled.

The spine and joints in the body become more mobile. Coordination and concentration improve.

Relaxation, lightness, serenity set in. You feel it physically, but also mentally.

On the spiritual level, you become more self-aware, thus increasing your self-confidence.

This gives you inner security, security, stability.