Bettina Heinrich YOGA

Advanced Yoga 50+

Advanced Yoga 50+

You are as a „Silver Ager“ in the middle of your life and would like to try yoga to enjoy your life more flexible, balanced and stress-free and to master your everyday life more energetically?

From March 2023
face to face
Amendoeira Golf-Resort (Portugal)
Registration will be possible soon!

You want to do something:

  • to relieve or get rid of your back and headaches
  • to loosen your shoulder and neck tension
  • for better mobility of your spine and joints
  • for more relaxation and ease in your life
  • for better concentration and coordination skills
  • for the harmonization of your hormones (menopause/midlife crisis)

And often ask yourself these questions:

  • how do I bring more serenity and peace into my (working) everyday life?
  • What can I do about my permanent back and neck tension?
  • How can I achieve more energy, strength and flexibility?
  • How do I achieve more well-being, self-confidence and joie de vivre?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll show you how to build up a supporting musculature with exercises from Hatha Yoga and strengthen your cardiovascular system in the sun salutation. How to keep your fascia elastic through sequences from Yin Yoga and thus strengthen your joints.

You learn through breathing, relaxation techniques and meditation to come deep into peace, to perceive your body and your inner voice again. Because yoga means first and foremost – not the perfect headstand – but:

With yoga you will find a holistic exercise system that lets you feel your body again, calms your thoughts, gives you new strength and energy.

What can you expect in a yoga class?

We practice Yin & Yang Yoga. Yin Yoga has long-held positions with little to no muscle activity, to relax and stretch the body (fascia, muscles), but also to calm down mentally. In Yang Yoga (Hatha) we practice with muscle power to recharge our batteries.

During the yoga class I try to adapt to your needs and take into account any complaints, limitations and handicaps. The exercises are also divided into levels of difficulty, so that you can practice yoga depending on the form of the day and taking into account your physical limits.

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