Bettina Heinrich YOGA




With passion I motivate women and men in midlife (50+) to start yoga – or to get back in – to feel more serenity, strength and ease in life.

The topic of „stress“ with its various side effects such as neck, back, headaches, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, etc. finds a lot of space in Yin & Yang Yoga. Relaxation and strength alternate.

As a yoga teacher (BYV) and certified yoga & cancer trainer, it is also a matter close to my heart to accompany people with yoga through cancer.


Since 2020 I have been teaching „online live“ via Zoom from Portugal, Switzerland and Germany.


Educations (in Germany)

2014 – 2016 Yoga teacher (BYV) training, Sivananda style (Yoga Vidya Lüneburg)

2017 – Yin Yoga teacher (Grit Wade, Bad Meinberg)

2017 – 2020 Yoga teacher for psychological yoga therapy (Yoga Vidya)

            Yoga for stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions

2019 – Yoga and Cancer (Yoga & Krebs Akademie, Gaby Kammler, Cologne)

2022 – Training as Aroma Yoga Teacher


Further Education – Teacher Trainings

2016 – Senior Yoga (Yoga Vidya)

2016 – Yoga for people with special complaints (Yoga Vidya)