Bettina Heinrich

Yoga & Cancer

Yoga for people with a cancer experience


I specifically teach „Yoga & Cancer“ for people who have just received a cancer diagnosis,

  • have been living with this disease for a long time,
  • are currently undergoing treatment,
  • or are already out of the therapy phase.

Yoga can be very enriching in any situation. Therefore, a few positive highlights in advance, because yoga has proven to have the following good properties in cancer:

  • Yoga lets you sleep better and recharges you with fresh energy
  • Increases the quality of life
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Strengthens the immune system and self-healing powers
  • Has a positive effect on fatigue syndrome
  • Reduces many other side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy (lymphedema, osteoporosis, pain…)

I also had my cancer story at the age of 52, nine years ago. I know the feeling after the diagnosis, fears, insecurities and a lot of ignorance. Of course, why should I deal with an illness that was obviously not yet in my life?

That’s why I went through the classic treatment method with surgery, chemo, radiation, medication with my breast cancer. Today I would do many things differently because I know much more about my body, the interaction with the psyche, cancer and different treatment methods. But, no matter what your own decision is… at that time it is right!

Yoga has found me directly in the disease, for which I am infinitely grateful!

I was also grateful that I was finally able to do something myself against the feeling of being at the mercy of this clinical event, between therapy appointments, injections, sterility.

With yoga I had regained a great deal of self-determination. Now I could finally ACTIVELY do something for my health and well-being!

With many new insights – and still starting with a wig – I started a two-year yoga teacher training and my new life as a yoga teacher.

With the training as a yoga and cancer trainer (by Gaby Kammler, Cologne) I go one step further and teach people with cancer with the background and understanding of my own experiences.

This training is a combination of medical knowledge about cancer and newly acquired competencies to apply the ancient teachings of yoga. For specific limitations, treatment and therapy stages and side effects such as Fatique syndrome, osteoporosis, edema or scar problems, yoga is of great benefit and a great help accompanying therapy!

Meditation is very important in yoga. It is about accepting feelings and sensations, about compassion, but also about practicing positive thinking. Sometimes we use mudras (finger exercises) and mantras (sung sayings or „holy“ syllables) to support them, which leave a noticeable effect when repeated frequently.

Pranayama (breathing exercises) help to calm the autonomic nervous system and to harmonize or balance the energies.

Only in a state of relaxation, where the resting pole of your autonomic nervous system = parasympathetic nervous system is addressed, self-healing can happen.

In order to enable you to do the yoga exercises even with restrictions after an operation, for example, we use yoga equipment such as bolsters, pillows, blocks, belts or balls.

Do you need more information? Ask me please!